Creative Writing Workshop – Poetry – Free Verse

Featuring work by Carol McClenahan The P-Word THE P-WORD Do NOT ever speak the P-word, Garbled enunciation, mouth mumblings Head hidden inside of a torn Paper bag Personal Protection from self-destruction Never utter, mutter nor write the P-word Lips sealed, Potency trapped, Self-image changing, enduring Future fantasy shaping body and soul Abnegate, fully renounce the P-word […]

Creative Writing Workshop – Short Stories

Featuring work by Robert S. Lewis THE ORDEAL IN THE DESERT ROBERT S. LEWIS As the flame-stained sky and heat waves from the black top road began to disappear, I noticed a familiar tremor in my left wrist. It was a late Sunday afternoon in August just outside of Carefree, Arizona. The desert felt like […]

Creative Writing Workshop – Short Stories

Featuring work by Wayne “Yellow Demon” I didn’t think twice about driving the school bus even though I had just turned 16 the week before. I had recognized Mr. Mackey and John Robins when the dirty green pick up rattled into our rutted farm dirt road the day after my birthday. “Your Pop around Wayne”?  […]

Creative Writing Workshop – Short Stories

Featuring work by Lyle S., Cynthia J., David B. and Bob L. Short Stories: by Lyle S. “Timeless?”- Tornadic winds ended marathon baseball tie! “Stop!”- Infinite odds catch the “gambler” again. “Plant Show”- Did I enter My Iris yet ? “Voting”- Our freedom, Our right, Our responsibility !! “Flag”- Respected when representing sacrifices of Bearer. “FAMILY”- Faith, Attitude, Maturity, In-Laws, Love, […]

Creative Writing Workshop – Thank you

Featuring work by Edward Shen When I first proposed the Workshop Series to NCF, I was incredibly excited to share writing’s ability to examine and to heal with the PD community, especially during as harrowing a time as the COVID-19 pandemic. That hasn’t changed, but this unforgettable summer, what truly astounded me was how much […]