Featuring work by: Robert L., Louise C., Carolina M., Carol M., Linda R., Cynthia J., David B., and Marsha K.

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Robert L.

A chirping woke me
in a grass field far away
then silence returned

A droplet of rain.
stains the dry desert sand
moments later its gone

The iris constricts
when lights thines through the eye
and rests in the dark

Louise Colson

she combs silver hair
like a tractor in the field
avoids the rough scar

wriggling pentagons
of light on the pool bottom
explode when she dives

oppressive heat drips
sweat upon the locked-out heart
child, mother, virus

Carolina M.

Bird bath in backyard
Patiently awaits a visitor
Sudden ripples appear

Hot mid-summer day
Thirsty flowers stare at me
Water perks them up

Afternoon heavy eyes
Let me find a comfy spot
Nap as dryer hums

Carol M.
“The Ripple Effect”

Open the window
moonlight bounces from the Bay
shimmering ceiling

Outdoor springing quilt
7 Varieties of green
Snuggle in gently

Brain food for today
The dopa twins are waiting
“what were you saying”

Linda R.

The shade of the palm
Provides a perfect escape
For four feral friends.

Cynthia J.

thunder rumbles
a muggy curtain opens
raindrops debut

Biking, Boating, Swimming (Note: this was written with the solutions of a word search puzzle!)
Day trips for dog days
Summer Word Search Puzzle

David B.

Across the Highlands
those muggy days of July
one rarely leaves home

Legs churning with might
feeling strain of the mileage
Joy, when completed!

View dark summer clouds
rumble, crash, crackle, soon gone
A symphony of sound

Marsha K.

The picture on the wall
a memory of
time gone by

The blossoming tree by the window
symbol of freedom
Reminds us hope  and recovery

White clouds with hint of gray
Speak loudly to the sun
reminding us of peaceful days.


Robert L.
“Look at Me Now”

She cried
and I held her
the day I heard

Could it be a mistake?
no one suspects
my hands are stable
and I smile widely

In time I will
lose sense of smell
walk with
rigid arms

Speak soft no one hears me
choke often when swallowing
appear hypnotized in photos
lose balance and fall

I once was a wizard
on the dance floor
never missed a beat
never missed a step

Solo free moving with a cane
women surround me
dancing with my rod

They love to
dance we with me
is it pity?
or am I still cool?