Featuring work by: Carolina M., Carol M., Alan C., Lyle S., David B., and Robert L.

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Carolina M.
“The New Baseball Normal”

Month of March welcomes Spring Training
Peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, “beer here” vendors say!
Base balls, bats, hits,  life long fans come cheering
Single, double, homer, strike, double play.

Hit, throw, pitch, catch, run bases and slide
We sing a classic in 7th inning
He’s safe! He’s out! No one but umps decide
Take me out to the ball game we’re winning

With no announcing Corona lands
Favorite Season is paralyzed
Quarantine, masks, stay home, wash hands
I wonder will this ever be survived?

Precautions abound but season will start
Baseball fans are ready to cheer from the heart

Carol M.
“Wake Up, I Have an Important Message For You”

You are more than just a body,
You are more than just a mind.
Like a drop in the ocean of Shiva
You are something else that
you must find.
Kabir asks, “Why are you looking in a church?”
Vivekananda tells the rest of the world
Ramakrishna’s message of vedanta
Narendra has told you for many lifetimes
Upanishads Unfurled
Don t you understand this life is a dream?
Wake up before it is too late; Buddha’s flash gives
no regrets do not look back when
it is time to truly know that the God lives
inside of you. All you have to do is realize
What you are living is your past Karma accrued
Do with what you have created but realize the Truth

Alan C.

While aspiring to poetic renown,
To touch the heady heights of reasoned rhyme
With furrowed brow adorned with scowl and frown
Our deluded souls ask, “Is this our time?”

Creating haikus incomprehensible,
The gentle cinquain quite pleasant to hear,
Bloody epics so reprehensible,
And beautiful ballads of death and fear.

The spinners wise and sly will “sonnetize”
Turing phrases in circuitous ways
With greedy hope that one can monetize
The time counted in weaving rhythmic lies.

Disappointing rejection comes so quick;
T’would be better to write a limerick.

Lyle S.
“Life’s Secret”

Each day we live is shorter than we think
To finish plans we started on too late

The many jobs on all our lists “to do”
Keep growing with excitement in our dreams

We tire of busy schedules faced each day
All under our control to our dismay

Slow down and feel the joy of “jobs well done”
For then one can recall their origins

I like to plan and dream on coming years
What might the future bring my way Who knows?

Its also fun to let time pass and see
What God has planned for each of us Indeed!

His plans for Good for Future and a Hope
Why not slow down right now and feel His Yoke?

David B.
“Years of Remembrance”

Youth-filled years, meeting friends, she caught my gaze.
Her grin, what a pleasure;  joy filled her face.
Sharing desires, passions, for future days.
Our thoughts, we were ready; hit life’s fast pace.

Two desires became one, service our goal,
Investment in others, far and away.
So we packed up our stuff, plus heart and soul….
Plane flight to Africa, start a new day.

Let’s come to contribute with skills to give,
So much can be changed, with work to be done
Making  a better world, in which to live,
None lost or forgotten, not even one.

In the beginning, one may never know…
In the ending, so many more will grow!


Robert L.

I hesitate
to utter
the word

Sad goodbyes
are the only
I know

Goodbyes leave
me with a
feeling of

Sadness, regret
and anxiety
are my substitute

Funerals remind me of
lost opportunities
to say a final

I wonder
will goodbye ever
“See you again?”