Creative Writing Workshop – Short Stories


Featuring work by Lyle S., Cynthia J., David B. and Bob L.

Short Stories:

by Lyle S.

“Timeless?”- Tornadic winds ended marathon baseball tie!

“Stop!”- Infinite odds catch the “gambler” again.

“Plant Show”- Did I enter My Iris yet ?

“Voting”- Our freedom, Our right, Our responsibility !!

“Flag”- Respected when representing sacrifices of Bearer.

“FAMILY”- Faith, Attitude, Maturity, In-Laws, Love, Youth.



by Cynthia J.

“White Feathers”- Find them. Sort them. Tint them.



by David B.

“Bootcamp”- On my own, was I prepared?

“Heartache”- Cancer has returned, third time around.

“My Wife”- Sweet, smart, sporty, steady, sensational smile!

“Tough Sport”- Grown men, ice, speed, sticks & puck.

“Florida Strong”- Determined to succeed, neighborly & generous!

“Mornings”- Fresh beginning, rested body, new goals



by Bob L.

Most important question: who am I?

I have Parkinson’s. Never the same.

You take care of me. Always.

Sometimes I’m too sad. To cry.

Who’s most blessed?  Learned or poor?

Sometimes life is short. Sometimes long

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