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Neuro Challenge Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

Improving the quality of life of people with Parkinsons and their caregivers, today.


Find Your Approach

Develop your personal approach to living well with Parkinson’s with a Care Advisor


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Connect with an community that understands life with Parkinson’s


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Access to local resources and educational opportunities

United to Support People on their Parkinson's Journey

We understand the uncertainty of the lifelong journey with Parkinson’s Disease. Navigating the complexities of the disease can be unpredictable; not knowing where to turn for support and guidance can be frustrating and challenging.
To restore hope, we’ve created a thriving local community of support and resources. A community that has helped thousands to loosen the bonds of isolation and depression and navigate the complexities of living with the disease. And reclaim their lives.

Download The Parkinson’s Disease Resource Guide

Neuro Challenge Foundation’s Resource Guide provides you with information about Parkinson’s, treatment options, and how to to achieve a fulfilling quality of life. 

All Neuro Challenge programs and services are available at no charge.

Care Advisor meeting with PWP

Connect with a Care Advisor

Call us today to setup an appointment with a nearby professional care advisor. They’ll help connect you with local resources and work with you to develop an ongoing strategy that helps you meet your quality of life goals. We’re a non-profit foundation so there’s no cost and no co-pay, It’s absolutely free!

Access Our Free Programs

You can choose from dozens of educational programs, online support groups, and ongoing community-based and virtual programs. You’ll discover and be embraced by a caring community of friends that understand what you’re going through.
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Attend A Free Empowering Event

You will get to hear from local and national experts as they discuss topics that are important to you and your journey with Parkinson’s. The Parkinson’s Expo, the largest event of its kind in the country, features dynamic speakers and interactive demonstrations.

Live Life Well with Parkinson’s Today!

Individualized Care Advising for You and Your Family
Understanding Parkinson’s Disease
Empowering and Uplifting Events
Monthly Support, Education and Therapeutic Programs
Connect to Local Clinical Trial Opportunities

We’re Here to Help You On Your Journey with Parkinson’s

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s can be overwhelming. You don’t have to take this journey alone we’re here to help. Connect right now with a caring and supportive community and experience A Better Approach to Parkinson’s.