“Parkinson’s Stages and Knowing the Signs that Advance the Disease” by Ramon L Rodriguez, MD, FAAN
“Psychological and Cognitive Aspects of PD, Including Psychosis” by London Butterfield, PhD
“The Roles of Positive Psychology & Meaning In Life to Mitigate Apathy” by Bradley McDaniels, PhD
“The Basics of PD and the Importance of Exercise on Motor Symptom Management” by Dr. Dean Sutherland
“The Gut-Brain Connection & Importance of Microbiomes in Parkinson’s Disease” Dr. Malú Gámez Tansey
“Gene Therapy Technology and Approaches in Parkinson’s disease” by Amber Van Laar, MD
What Should I Do Today to Prepare for Ongoing Care & Support Needs of Tomorrow? by Wendy Rickenbach
“Whole-Body Approach to Voice Practice” by Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP
The Basics of Parkinson Disease – Dean Sutherland, MD, PhD (Parkinson’s Expo 2020)
Insomnia in Parkinson’s Disease – Dr. Douglas Wallace (Parkinson’s Expo 2020)
Expo 2020 Main Stage 03 Isaacson
Parkinson’s Disease: Recent & Future Medications – Dr. Robert Hauser (Parkinson’s Expo 2020)
Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Parkinson’s Disease – Pete & Kelly Gaylord (Parkinson’s Expo 2020)
Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease – Dr. Joseph Friedman (Parkinson’s Expo 2020)
Breakout: Memory Disorders & Dementia – Dr. Cheryl Brandi (Parkinson’s Expo 2020)
Breakout: Management of Advanced Parkinson’s Disease – Dr. Deborah Boland (Parkinson’s Expo 2020)
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