Yoga For Parkinson’s

Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s presents Yoga for Parkinson’s, a series of yoga and meditation videos for people at any stage of their Parkinson’s journey. This series was made possible with generous support from Yoga Project Sarasota and Garden of the Heart Yoga Center. Mindful Movement for Parkinson’s Disease instructor training provided by YogaReach.
Welcome & Introduction (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
What is Yoga? (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
Yoga Basics (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
Meditation (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
Breath Work (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
Foundations of Yoga (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
Core & Balance (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
Chest, Heart, and Shoulder Opening (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
Hip Opening (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)
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