As we return to in-person community based programming, the health and safety of our Parkinson’s community is still our number one priority. Neuro Challenge will continue to offer virtual programs along with new in-person programs.

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*COVID-19 Safety Protocols for In-Person Programs (subject to change)*  While the Neuro Challenge team is excited to see our local Parkinson’s community, we do ask you to not attend an in-person program if you do not feel well or have had a recent exposure to COVID. The CDC currently recommends the wearing of masks indoors when not physically distanced, regardless of vaccination status. Disposable face masks will be available at all in-person programs and we encourage you to use complimentary hand sanitizer provided. Neuro Challenge is grateful to continue to serve the Parkinson’s community by providing a caring and supportive space to assist along the Parkinson’s journey.  

Pictured here: Care Advisors Yazmil Soriano, Ellen Schaller and Diane Conti.

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Neuro Challenge Care Advisors provide FREE 1:1 care advising sessions by phone or video chat. Please call (941) 926-6413 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule time with a Care Advisor to learn more about the Parkinson's resources and programs availble to you.

Support Programs

Support Programs are designed for both the person with Parkinson’s (PWP) and the Care Partner (caregiver of a loved one living with Parkinson’s) to connect with those on a similar journey, while learning from each other and building a sense of community that will transcend the stages of the disease. Support services include Care Advising, the cornerstone of all Neuro Challenge Programs.

PD Power Hour Support Group

This group is designed to provide support and camaraderie for both men and women living with Parkinson's Disease at any stage of the journey.

Care Partner Connection Support Group

This group is designed to provide support and understanding for caregivers of loved ones living with Parkinson's Disease at any stage of the journey.

YOPD Support Group

The Young Onset Parkinson’s disease support group meetings are for patients in their 60's and younger, who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's. We understand that you are in a different stage of life than older PWPs and that you have different needs, such as help balancing work, life and family.

Combined Support Group for Care Partners and PWPs

This group is designed for both people with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners to come together for connection and support at any stage of their Parkinson’s journey!

Men’s & Women’s Support Groups

These groups are designed to exchange experiences, ideas and support with others living with Parkinson's disease and experiencing unique challenges on their journey.

Adult Children of People with PD Support Group

Description:This program is for Adult children of People with Parkinson's. At this program participants will provide and receive guidance and advice, in a safe, supportive environment; while sharing ideas and discussing the challenges associated with being an adult child of a person with Parkinson’s Disease.

Therapeutic Programs

Therapeutic programs are offered in partnership with like-minded organizations who seek to improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s disease. The focus of these programs is to improve functional and cognitive areas affected by Parkinson's disease, while incorporating a client's individual interests and creating a fun environment. Whether it be expressive arts, dance, exercise, yoga and meditation, or laughter therapy, the goal in offering these programs is to increase the likelihood of successful symptom management and support members of the PD community to live well with Parkinson’s.

Joyful Movement Through Parkinson’s with The Sarasota Ballet

Joyful Movement through Parkinson’s with The Sarasota Ballet is facilitated by Kate Honea, Principal Dancer or one of her fellow dancers, Sarah Krazit. During this class you will be led on a virtual dance session from their dance-movement program, designed for people with Parkinson's and their care partners.

Mindful Moves Dancing Through Parkinson’s with Cynthia

Mindful Movement Through Parkinson's with Cynthia is a one-hour dance class based on the Dance for PD three segment structure. Curriculum will utilize Brain-Compatible Dance Lessons.

Laughter is Good Medicine with Laugh to Feel Good!

Skilled facilitators will guide you through a series of playful exercises to ignite self-expression, creativity and most importantly, laughter! You will take away a greater sense of how to use your voice and body while having laughed, played, and bonded in unique ways. There are no mistakes and you do not have to be "funny" to play. Perfect for PWPs, Care Partners, and people who want to move and laugh safely.

Relaxation Methods- Yoga & Meditation

One of our amazing partners in Yoga & Meditation will help to lead you on a path to health and wellness through the practices of mindfulness and yoga. Explore methods of calming the mind, moving the body, and connecting with your breath to reduce stress and anxiety.

Creative Connections: Expressive Arts Program

In partnership with Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota, this program will explore the creative process through music, guided imagery, expressive writing and discovering new ways to be at home.

Education Programs

Education Programs provide knowledge about Parkinson’s disease not only to the person with Parkinson’s and their Care Partner but the entire family. When one person in a couple or family is affected by Parkinson’s disease, the other family members live with it as well. All those affected by Parkinson’s disease are FIGHTERS, they are eager to learn and educate themselves on how best to navigate their journey. They seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and learn from each other, becoming more empowered to fight the disease and improve their overall quality of life. Through partnerships within the community, Neuro Challenge feels a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the highest quality of resources are provided to our clients and therefore our education programs continue to evolve and expand, based on the needs and requests from the PD community.

Movers and Shakers Education and Support Program

Based out of Venice, FL and led by members of the Parkinson’s community, this program is designed to provide both educational content to support you on your journey, as well as allow for a monthly combined support group for care partners and those living with Parkinson’s disease.

Mind and Motion Education and Support Program

Based out of Ocala, FL and On Top of the World, this program is designed to provide both educational content to support you on your journey, as well as allow for a monthly combined support group for care partners and those living with Parkinson’s disease.

Education Forums

Based on the expressed needs and interests of the Parkinson’s community, each month we partner with community organizations and medical professionals to share resources and important information to support you and your care partners on your Parkinson’s journey. Topics vary so please visit our program calendar for more information on each month’s scheduled topics and presenters.

Sponsored Webinars

These webinars provide an opportunity to educate and empower you to live well on your Parkinson’s journey. The sponsorship support of these webinars has created a unique opportunity to engage some of the major Parkinson’s thought leaders from across the country. Many of those presenting at these programs you would often have to wait a year to see at the Parkinson's Expo.

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